Tye Angland and Commandare 2009

Ultima Horse Club is an Elite lifestyle thoroughbred Racing Club, with an aim to offer its members with an unparalleled experience in the world of horse racing through the amalgamation of professional expertise and horse ownership. UHC provides its members with opportunities to horse ownership as well as to compete for astonishing prize money.


The club will also serve as platform where individuals can expand and establish new connections with peers of similar interests. On top of that, members will be able to indulge themselves in the exclusivity of invitations and events hosted by UHC, while they are exposed to potential business opportunities as they live their passion in the world of horse racing.


At UHC, we believe that individuals should not be restricted in any way while doing what they love. Hence, we will bring the opportunity of horse ownership to our like-minded peers, while they indulge themselves in the plethora of benefits that our club has to offer.

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