Ultima Horse Club

Ultima Horse Club (UHC) is an Elite thoroughbred Racing lifestyle Club, established in 2018, making its mark in Asia Pacific, with an aim to offer its members with an unparalleled experience in the world of horse racing through the amalgamation of professional expertise and horse ownership.

UHC will provide its members with opportunities of horse ownership, where the Sport of Kings will be brought to them. Members will be able to experience the thrill and glamour of owning and racing their own horse, while having the security of having their horse cared for by a team of highly experienced and professional trainers.

In addition, members will get to enjoy exclusive opportunities presented our professional team of experts, in buying, trading and breeding thoroughbred assets. UHC consists of a team of individuals with a blend of experience, knowledge and enthusiasm, which provides a strong foundation in every aspect of the industry. Thus, members will be able to enjoy the sport with a peace of mind, as they rely on the knowledge of our experts.

On top of that, members will have access to Asia’s most prestigious horse racing events and carnivals, as well as opportunities in network expansion with many key business leaders from various industries. This will allow members to establish connections with peers who share similar interest, not just in horse racing, but in other aspects.

UHC seek to bring together all racing enthusiasts, to provide them with great opportunities of horse ownership and investment, while members enjoy the King of sports with full passion.